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Archive Team: The Formspring Final Answer

Formspring was a question-and-answer-based social networking service for social conversations operated by, Inc. It was launched on 1 November 2009 by Ade Olonoh, the founder of online form builder Formstack. In May 2013, acquired the assets of Formspring. The rebranded website was officially launched in beta in September 2013 and launched publicly in November 2013.

Formspring was launched in Indianapolis in November 2009 by the founder of online form builder Formstack, Ade Olonoh. He noticed that most of their users were using the service to create "ask me anything" forms and decided to launch a separate site to make this easier. At launch, Formspring was referred to by its full URL,, to distinguish it from Formstack, which was at that time also called gained 1 million registered users in its first 45 days, so the original Formspring website was renamed to avoid confusion between the two sites.

Formspring was soon spun-off into a separate company and moved to San Francisco, California. Due to its sudden popularity, a number of websites quickly implemented similar features, such as, Tumblr, and MyYearbook's "Ask Me" services. On June 3, 2010, Formspring launched a major redesign, overhauling every aspect of the website.

In response to its growth, Formspring received a $2.5 million series seed round of funding from a large group of angel investors, including SV Angel, Lowercase Capital, Kevin Rose, and Dave Morin. In January 2011, it received an additional $11.5 million series A round of funding from Redpoint Ventures and Baseline Ventures. To further guide the site's growth and explore revenue streams for the company, Formspring named Rogelio (Ro) Choy as COO in April 2011. On June 28, 2011, Formspring announced that its 25 millionth user had signed up.

In June 2011, Formspring launched features for celebrities to better communicate with their fans, including verified accounts. Celebrity Formspring users can be found on the site’s “Formspring Favorites” section, which categorizes verified users by music, comedy and various entertainment verticals. In November 2011, Formspring launched a media partnership program, partnering for the first time with media outlets including MTV, Hearst, Funny or Die and The Huffington Post.

Formspring has visitors from every country of the world with over 24 million users & 3.5 million unique visitors everyday. 10 million responses are given on Formspring each day. As of early 2012, Formspring has reached over 4 billion responses. In February 2012, Formspring was named a top ten most innovative social media site by Fast Company.

Formspring is a global social network, where members ask each other questions and learn more about one other through interesting, funny and personal responses. People use Formspring to get to know friends (and friends of friends), have conversations with favorite celebrities, and connect with others around common interests.


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